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How To Connect External Audio Using An Optical Cable

In order to take advantage of Audio Return Channel, both your TV and home theater receiver or soundbar have to be ARC-compatible, and they have to be activated . Robert Silva has extensive experience in consumer electronics and home theater product sales and sales supervision; he has written about audio, video, and home theater topics since 1998. Robert has articles published on and plus has made appearances on the YouTube series Home Theater Geeks.

There are a lot of ways to do this, including connecting Bluetooth speakers and stereo speakers. If you do choose to connect your speakers through Bluetooth, first make sure that your speakers are fully charged. Then, turn off all Bluetooth devices and locate your speakers on the Bluetooth Speaker List. You can find this list in the Sound Output section of the Settings Menu.

This gives you a more direct comparison of subtle voicing differences between speakers. Virtual audio technology allows you to compare sonic characteristics between speakers so you can make a more informed shopping decision. Car speakers FAQ What kind of a difference do new car speakers really make? Those, and other common questions, are answered in our FAQ. How to get the best stereo imaging & soundstage Properly tweaked, your car or truck can be a fantastic place to listen to music.

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Be sure to connect the red wire to the red terminal and the black wire to the black terminal. If the wires are not color-coded, connect the wire with writing on it to the red terminal and the wire without writing to the black terminal. If you need your speaker wires to reach further, replace them with a longer wire instead of extending them to get the best sound quality. Place the subwoofer near the center of the home theater.

In most cases, you can connect things like game consoles, DVD players, and streaming boxes to your TV. The audio will transfer to the reciever through the Audio Out input that connects to the receiver. In some cases, you may get better sound by connecting these devices to the receiver.

Tips and Tricks For Each Option

After connecting the two devices, you should check whether your sound is connected to your television. This feature will add to the immersive experience that you get from watching your favorite movies and shows on your Samsung smart TV. However, make sure you have the Bluetooth feature on your Samsung smart TV before connecting the system to your speakers. Others have spring clips or binding posts that you can use to connect speaker wire.AV — Receivers that use an AV connection will have a single circular input for each speaker. If you are using a soundbar, the rear speaker inputs may be on the soundbar or the subwoofer.

A soundbar will have the front, left, right, and center speakers built-in. Unlike powered speakers, the average surround sound speaker can’t project audio on its own. A receiver takes the sound from your TV and transmits it to the connected speakers via wires.Most surround sound kits include a receiver. If you bought your surround sound set second-hand, you may have to buy the receiver separately.

It also means you can connect sources directly to the TV for the best video experience, while the TV passes on the audio duties to the receiver. Here are a couple of examples of home entertainment setups that take advantage of a TV’s audio passthrough. You can either connect the sources directly to the TV if you have a soundbar with one HDMI input, or if you have a receiver with multiple HDMI slots, you can connect all your sources to that instead. However, this is only beneficial if none of the sources are new gaming consoles because you can’t take advantage of the console’s features if you connect it to a soundbar or receiver. Since ARC over HDMI sends and receives audio and video signals, you only need one wire between the receiver and TV. If your TV does not have a digital audio output port, it will have an analog audio output.

That may get you only silence from your audio system when you’re playing your TV. You may also step on thesurround sound wiringand disrupt the connections. If you want to play audio on your TV and other connected sound systems simultaneously, look for the Multi-output Audio option in the sound settings.

Small amps have enough power to enjoy speakers with good sound at moderate volume. However, in some cases, your brand of TV is only compatible with audio systems or home theater receivers from the same brand. For example, if you have a Samsung TV, you will need a Samsung receiver or audio player, and the same goes for other brands of TVs. Using a Bluetooth connection can sometimes lead to issues with syncing, and the audio might begin to lag a bit behind the video on your TV. After connecting the cable to both the TV and the home theater receiver, switch the home theater receiver on and follow the setup instructions of your audio system.

A 7.1 system is a little more difficult to set up, but it only takes two more speakers to achieve the complete impact. If you buy a receiver with 7.1 surround sound capabilities, you may still use it for 5.1 sound. Place the television, stereo and cable box in the same configuration as I have told you before.

What you don’t want is to place your subwoofer against the corners or walls of the room. The bass will reverberate and amplify which can make it harder to control and adjust. In other cases, they may assume you know the basic steps and so leave vital parts of the process out. But you should still read the manual for your audio system for instructions specific for your model. In order for the speakers to work, they have to be certified by WiSA.

What makes this type of soundbar different is that instead of traditional speakers, there is a continuous layout of “beam drivers” across the front surface. Whichever type you choose, they both send the same sound. Both can send multi-channel audio that is better than analog. Step 3.Press the Home button on the remote control and select Settings. The advantages of the optical cable are that the transmission loss is lower than metal cables, which is good for long-distance transmission and it can be used semi-permanently. The smaller the number equates to a larger wire and thus less resistance and improved sound performance.

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