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Sure, some of the “tactics” probably work, but it’s better advice to BE busy by staying focused on everything you love in life than to PRETEND you’re busy to impress someone. Every single piece of advice in this book is ugly and skewed. If you want a dating book that might help you find actual contentment, go for Charlotte Kasl instead of this harmful garbage. If I could erase this book from the earth, I would. I’m also going to continue to try really hard to avoid judging the friend who recommended it to me.

But, like the other “Rules” book, if you are an older woman like me, chances are good that you’ve figured this stuff out already. But if you haven’t, or you are very young, then this book will enlighten you. The next ‘Rules” book should be for older women. At the end of the day, while The Rules talks about how to carry yourself, how you should act, how you should look, it’s ultimately to empower you as a woman, not for the man you’re trying to get. The real beauty in my relationship occurred after I took back my confidence in myself, treating myself with respect, taking care of myself, and looking in the mirror without fear, but with pride.

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If you want your daughter to turn out great, don’t give her just material things. Go to the movies or shopping, get manicures and pedicures, cook or bake together, rent bicycles, or go jogging. Have favorite TV shows that the two of you watch together. Ellein Fein and Sherrie Schneider are the authors of The Rules, The Rules II, The Rules for Marriage, and The Rules for Online Dating.

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I did not grow up with computers and cell phones, so these things in this book were quite shocking to me, but understandable now. I can say this because I did not grow up with all of this technology, and I can see it interfering with my own kids. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, ALL of the other Social Media sites fall prey to finding Mr. Right, too, and then when you think you might have found him, everything MUST change!

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Some mothers complain that their daughters never tell them anything, and we know why they don’t. Because their mothers scream, “You did what?! ” and go crazy on them, the daughters clam up.

The New Rules also assumes that all men chase the woman they want. This is not the case, I have witnessed many of my male friends watching women they are clearly attracted to, but never approaching them. So perhaps the answer to this age-old question, ‘Can a woman make the first move? ’ lies somewhere between not talking and an aggressive pursuit. If I could give this zero stars, I would. Every copy of this book should be burned.

I did like how they mentioned several times, “if a guy truly likes you, he’ll come to you first or notice you.” So true. If a guy doesn’t like you, or at least not enough he won’t make an effort and in that case, he’s not worth your time. I am 45 and this is NOT a way to date at my age. I do what I want and have broken almost all the “rules” except that I am celibate. We have known each other 22 years and been dating for 1 1/2 years.

Excessive texting by either party says that you are clingy and desperate. College girls are not the only rebellious ones. We hear from women in their twenties who are into self-discovery and following their hearts—not into thinking hard and abiding by a boring set of dating dos and don’ts.

She doesn’t want to mess it up by coming on too strong (“What are you doing tonight? I have two tickets to a concert”) or being needy (“When will I see you again?”). She thinks, “Whoa, I don’t want to lose this guy. ” When a woman is at this point, when she wants to stop her self-destructive dating habits, she is ready for The Rules. When women buy our book or get in touch with us for consultations, it’s not because they arbitrarily woke up one day and decided, “I think I want to be a Rules Girl.” It’s not because they have nothing better to do! It’s because they just got hurt by yet another guy in yet another going-nowhere relationship, and desperately want to change their MO. They have endured years of pain and suffering and humiliation, and this last relationship is the final straw.

The entire world was not carrying cell phones, did not go online for any purposes everyday, and there were no social networks. At last, the supplemental materials have been published on how to be a Rules Girl in the digital age. Like it or not, technology has changed us as a people. Don’t react or overreact when your daughter tells you something you don’t like.

You can help them along, if they are open to having you help them! It will give you a LOT of insight into what your daughters are going through, (you won’t believe what they go through!) and maybe when they have a weak moment, you can step in and help them along the way, too. This book is a GREAT way to take control of the dating scene, and YOU control it! The authors of this book teach you how to do it, and they give great examples by having real women with real issues submit questions to them, and the authors answer their questions and give more scenarios.

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