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Netflix’s ‘Dating Around’ Couples: Where Are They Now?

Based in Nairobi, Kenya, he is currently a Lists and Features Writer for TheThings. From time to time, Henry also dabbles in Data Analytics from his academic background field of Applied Statistics. Of the five dinners and drinks dates that Heather went on, three were amazing and even more than one could ask for.

Instead of talking about it with his partner, Marvin Anthony shut down, which led to further drama until Melinda apologized. Brandon’s confidence and banter make his episode one of the least secondhand-embarrassment inducing of the season. Though from the looks of this cozy Instagram post from February with a new man, he may no longer be on the market. Earlier this month, fellow contestant Zack Goytowski shared video of himself on a boat with Kwame. In the clip, two arms are seen coming into the frame wearing a puffy lavender-colored jacket. Both Tiffany and Brett are following one another as well as several other co-stars from this season.

“You’re stuck with me now,” Joe joked via Instagram after announcing the news. Coming to So-E and Se-Jun’s present relationship status, though, it’s unfortunately unclear whether or not they’re still together since they don’t even follow one another on Instagram as of writing. There are a couple of comments from the latter’s friends on one of his recent posts indicating the duo could still be actively dating, but there are also signs the former recently alluded to being single. Full of passionate first kisses and and plenty of serious drama, Season Two does not disappoint. While the cast has yet to announce if any of their second dates led to a third or even fourth, here’s what the six members are up to on social media lately.

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They should be able to reveal more about their relationship status after viewers have caught up with season 2. Which follows a new singleton going on blind dates in every episode. The very gentlemanly Professor of Computer Science Ben deserves some happy love, although his episode was full of awkward moments so pungent it was hard to watch. We’re rooting for him and awaiting any updates from his brand new Instagram account. But when Netflix teased the upcoming episodes, fans got a bit nervous for Tiffany and Brett’s future.

From what has been observed so far about the show, it is safe to say that despite some minor details, the show doesn’t control most of the interactions. The show solely focuses on the various dates the protagonist goes on while they seek a second date. Most of the interactions seem natural, as the cast interacts with each other.

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The show has also undergone some controversies, like many reality shows. Dating Around is a take on the dating world and how people like to explore varied partners and choose a partner based on the one they like best. The show Dating Around Netflix is an adaptation of today’s fast-paced dating culture.

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It seemed that the Netflix couple had a fair deal in common, too. Alex said she was looking for a connection and they both agreed they were wanting to find someone they could relate to on a lot of different levels. Ben seemed to wear his heart on his sleeve a little Amor en Linea sign up more with Alex; in the taxi after their date, he described her as “beautiful and kind” and added, “There aren’t a lot of people in the world like you, Alex.” A week before season 2 premiered, Deva shared two posts, announcing that she was on Dating Around.

Their conversations were deep and meaningful, so when Justin admitted that he would be moving the Austin soon, Brandon was heartbroken. And, in the end, Brandon couldn’t help himself and chose Justin for the second date. We do know that Justin did end up moving for his new job that started in October 2019, thanks to his LinkedIn, so it seems like his connection with Brandon was just for a short while.

Deva is either single or prefers to keep her love life private.One thing is for sure, this Queen has been keeping super busy! Follow her on social media for inspiration and amazing fashion shots. He appears to be single based on the posts he shares on his Instagram, but he could have been asked not to post anything to avoid spoiling details aboutDating AroundSeason 2. We’ll find out soon as the cast should be able to give us an honest update in a couple of weeks.

He didn’t care that he lost the money because he got the best prize of all; growth and love. Although the two don’t interact on social media, we think that they’re still together as a simple glance at their Instagram reveals that they were both on holiday recently. Emily geotagged her posts to Madeira Island, Portugal, and a look at the landscapes indicates that Cam could’ve been there as well. Carly Lawrenceearned the nickname “Kissy Carly” after flirting her way through the cast, but a harsh break-up with co-starChase Demoorled her to follow her heart with new cast member Joey Joy.

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