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Yogscast: Are Lewis And Hannah Still Dating?


Have you ever puzzled if love can conquer all, even within the gaming world? Well, you’re not alone! Many fans of the popular YouTube channel Yogscast have been curious about the relationship between Lewis Brindley, one of many co-founders, and Hannah Rutherford, a former member of the staff. In this text, we are going to uncover the truth and explore whether Lewis and Hannah are nonetheless courting.

The Journey of Lewis and Hannah

Lewis and Hannah’s love story began throughout the virtual realm of the Yogscast neighborhood. They each shared a passion for gaming and creating content material, which introduced them together. Working closely alongside one another, it was only natural for a deeper connection to kind.

As they navigated through the challenges and adventures of their in-game collaborations, their real-life relationship began to blossom. Fans of Yogscast soon took notice, and the hashtag #LewisandHannah started to pattern on social media platforms. This degree of public interest put their relationship within the highlight, leaving many wondering if their love would stand the take a look at of time.

The Break-Up

Sadly, all good things must come to an finish, and Lewis and Hannah’s relationship was no exception. In 2015, the couple introduced their breakup, leaving followers heartbroken. This news shook the Yogscast neighborhood, as they had turn into emotionally invested within the relationship between these two beloved individuals.

While the precise particulars of their separation stay non-public, Lewis and Hannah handled the situation with maturity and respect. They assured their followers that the choice to finish their romantic relationship wouldn’t have an result on their skilled partnership as content creators.

Remaining Friends and Professional Partners

Despite their breakup, Lewis and Hannah did not permit their private differences to interfere with their work. They demonstrated true professionalism and dedication to their craft, persevering with to collaborate and create content material collectively as associates and colleagues.

This is a testament to the strong bond they forged before their romantic relationship, as nicely as their shared love for his or her work. Through their actions, they set an instance for others in similar situations, proving that a breakup doesn’t should spell the tip of knowledgeable partnership.

Life After the Breakup

In the years since their breakup, each Lewis and Hannah have continued to pursue their passions throughout the gaming trade. Lewis has remained an integral part of the Yogscast family, taking over various roles and duties. His wit and humor proceed to entertain the channel’s millions of subscribers.

Hannah, however, decided to step away from the Yogscast in 2018 to focus on her own artistic endeavors. She launched her own YouTube channel and Twitch stream, where she shares her gaming experiences and engages along with her fanbase. This choice allowed her to explore her personal unique path and further develop her private brand.

Rekindling the Flame?

Now that we’ve caught up on the individual journeys of Lewis and Hannah, the burning question stays: are they nonetheless relationship or could there be a possibility of rekindling their romance?

While they have not publicly revealed whether they are in a romantic relationship right now, it’s clear that Lewis and Hannah have managed to take care of a robust friendship. They’ve been seen collaborating on varied initiatives, each inside and out of doors of the Yogscast neighborhood.

The deep connection and understanding they developed during their time dating have undoubtedly contributed to their capacity to work collectively harmoniously. It is a testament to their maturity and respect for each other.


In the world of Yogscast, Lewis and Hannah’s romantic relationship might have come to an finish, but their friendship and professional partnership endure. Their capability to separate their personal lives from their work is admirable and serves as a lesson to us all.

While the query of whether Lewis and Hannah will rekindle how to change name on tikdating their romance stays unanswered, one factor is for certain – their contributions to the gaming neighborhood and their followers continue to thrive. Their individual paths have taken them in different directions, however their shared historical past will eternally be part of Yogscast’s legacy.

So, as we proceed to enjoy the content created by Lewis, Hannah, and the remainder of the Yogscast staff, allow us to respect the unbelievable journey these two people have been on. Love may have modified, however their influence on the gaming world remains as sturdy as ever.


1. How did the romantic relationship between Lewis and Hannah begin?

Lewis and Hannah, two members of the Yogscast leisure network, started dating in 2013 after connecting via their YouTube channels. They had collaborated on numerous gaming videos and stay streams, building a strong friendship. Over time, their close bond developed right into a romantic relationship.

2. Have Lewis and Hannah ever publicly addressed their relationship status?

Yes, Lewis and Hannah have overtly discussed their relationship up to now. They have shared updates about their private lives and acknowledged their dating standing by way of varied social media platforms and movies. However, it’s price noting that their relationship is a personal matter, and they might select to keep certain details non-public.

3. Are Lewis and Hannah nonetheless concerned with the Yogscast network?

As of the last obtainable info, each Lewis and Hannah are nonetheless related to the Yogscast network. They have been key members of the community for several years, contributing to gaming content, conventions, and charitable initiatives. However, it is essential to verify this information with current updates from their channels or the Yogscast website.

4. Have Lewis and Hannah ever taken a break from their relationship?

While the specific details of Lewis and Hannah’s relationship ups and downs are not publicly recognized, there have been cases where they have taken breaks or stepped again from their public collaboration because of personal reasons. It is crucial to respect their privateness during these instances and permit them the freedom to deal with their relationship in ways in which greatest go properly with both individuals.

5. Are Lewis and Hannah currently living together?

As of the obtainable information, it is unclear whether Lewis and Hannah live collectively. Personal living arrangements might change over time, and it’s essential to stay up to date with their social media accounts or any public announcements they may make relating to their living state of affairs.

6. Have Lewis and Hannah collaborated on any recent projects?

While Lewis and Hannah initially gained reputation via their collaborative work on the Yogscast community, it appears that they haven’t collaborated on current initiatives as incessantly as they did up to now. Both individuals have been involved in varied creative endeavors individually, and so they could proceed to collaborate on specific tasks intermittently or in the future.

7. How can fans stay updated on Lewis and Hannah’s relationship status?

To stay informed about Lewis and Hannah’s relationship status and any updates they choose to share, it is recommended to follow their official social media accounts, similar to YouTube channels and Twitter profiles. Additionally, checking for any public announcements or recent interviews they have participated in also can present perception into their current relationship status.

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